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Shipping via Shipcloud business rates
Things to know about your shipping via Shipcloud business rates
Things to know about your shipping via Shipcloud business rates

Shipping conditions and your advantages when shipping via our business rates

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In all our subscriptions we provide you with Shipcloud business rates for DHL, DPD and UPS.

In this article we summarize the most important information about Shipcloud, shipping via our business rates for DHL, DPD and UPS and the benefits. If you need more detailed information, simply follow the links in this article to the other corresponding entries in our Help Center.

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Shipcloud and our business rates for DHL, DPD and UPS

As your trusted partner for multi-carrier shipping, our goal is to help you automate and optimize your shipping processes so you can fully focus on your core business.

To do this, we provide you with our multi-carrier interface, a cloud-based shipping platform with powerful features for your shipping, over 130 integrations into the leading shop, ERP, inventory management, marketplace, checkout and fulfillment systems, as well as an easy integration via modern RESTful API. So you have all carriers in one platform and can process your shipping orders centrally, quickly and easily.

In addition to our technology, you get direct access to the Shipcloud business rates for DHL, DPD and UPS after activating your subscription. So you can start shipping quickly and easily without any hurdles, such as a required minimum shipping volume.

📌 Please note that our business rates for a carrier are available to you until you integrate your own contract with this carrier into Shipcloud. It is therefore not possible to use our business rates and your individual business rates from your own contract at the same time with one and the same carrier. However, you can then of course continue to use the Shipcloud buiness rates in addition for the other parcel services.

Geographical scope

With our business rates we support you from Germany, with your national, EU-wide as well as international shipping. Accordingly, you can only ship from Germany using the Shipcloud business rates.

Good to know: If you want to ship from a country outside of Germany, this is technically possible with your own contract for some carriers. Since we must first check the possibility of a connection and the available services depending on your sender country, we ask you to first contact our sales team by e-mail at if you are interested.

Carriers and services

As a subcarrier, we commission the carrier you have selected to carry out the transport of your shipment and provide you with automatic, cross-carrier shipment tracking. With shipcloud, you can provide your customers with automated notification emails as well as a shipping status tracking page in your shop design. This way, you and your customers always have an overview of all shipments and can react to shipping problems at an early stage.

The Shipcloud business rates for DHL, DPD and UPS provide you with the most important shipping services relevant to e-commerce. This allows you to choose the most suitable shipping service based on your shipping scenario.





National, EU-wide, International*




National, EU-wide, International




National, EU-wide, International







National, EU-wide, International

* UPS International with the UPS Expedited service

An overview of the integrated (additional) services for shipping via Shipcloud business rates can be found in these articles:

Good to know: When shipping with DHL via Shipcloud business rates, we book the service DHL GoGreen automatically and without additional fees for our customers to every DHL shipment.

You can find more details about the different parcel services in our "Carriers" collection.

Parcel dimensions and weight limits

Even with individual shipping requirements, you can use the Shipcloud business rates to decide on the right carrier based on various shipping products, parcel dimensions and weight classes.

Good to know: For the various shipping options of the carriers as well as for the drop-off at parcel shops, certain limits apply with regard to the maximum permissible package dimensions and weights. You can find more information in the following articles, among others:

Pickup and parcel drop-off

Your standard shipments created via Shipcloud business rates, can be conveniently picked up at your location. For this purpose, you can book sporadic pickups with UPS and DPD free of charge at the push of a button.

If you would like a regular pickup, this is possible via Shipcloud business rates in the form of a regular pickup for DPD under certain requirements. Regular pickups for DHL and UPS are not possible when shipping via Shipcloud business rates and can only be realized via a separate contract with the respective carrier.

Alternatively, you can also deliver your shipments to DHL parcel shops and post offices, DPD pickup parcel stores and UPS access points.


Return labels

For your national and international returns, you can also create return labels via the Shipcloud business rates and add them as enclosures to your shipments. Return labels are billed on a usage basis, so costs for this are only incurred once an initial scan has been made at the carrier.

Shipcloud return portal

For your national returns, you can also provide your customers with your own return portal in the look and feel of your shop, starting from our Ambition subscription. This way, your customers can create a return label if they need to and decide which carrier they want to return with. The prices for the labels created via the return portal are fixed for all dimensions and weights. In this case, billing is also based on usage.

Fixed return prices (net) in the return portal*


€ 8.90


up to 5kg: 4,89 €, up to 10kg: 6,28 €, up to 20kg: 6,43 €


8,93 €

*The above return prices (net) were last updated on January, 16th 2024.

Shipping subject to customs

Via our business rates, you can ship with DHL and UPS beyond EU borders. For this purpose, you can use Shipcloud to create a customs declaration (CN22/CN23) for DHL and a commercial invoice for UPS.

📌 Please note that in addition to a customs declaration, other documents may also be required for shipping across customs borders. Missing or incomplete customs documents may cause delays in shipment, additional costs and other disadvantages for the recipient. Before creating a foreign shipment, please check with customs to find out which documents you need to include.

Shipping exclusions

The shipment of hazardous and bulky goods as well as perishable food is generally not possible via Shipcloud business rates. If you want to ship these goods, it is necessary that you negotiate conditions for this with the corresponding carrier and integrate your own carrier account in shipcloud.

📌 Please also make sure to read § 18 in our General Terms and Conditions regarding shipping exclusions.

Good to know: We offer our shipping rates as an extra service, so you can start shipping quickly and easily. If they don't quite fit your shipping needs, you can always store your own contract with the respective carrier with us and thus ship at your individually agreed conditions. To do this, you must at least be registered for our Professional subscription. Of course, you can then continue to use the Shipcloud business rates for the other carriers in addition to your own contracts.

Shipping problems / complaints

If you ship via Shipcloud business rates, we take care of clarifying your shipping concerns with the parcel services as a subcarrier. This saves you valuable time for your operational shipping processing as well as support resources.

For this purpose, we maintain a lively exchange with the carriers in order to clarify your shipping complaints in the best possible way. If you have any shipping problems, such as a lost or damaged shipment, simply contact our support team. We will be happy to provide you with advice and information on how to proceed.

Shipping label prices and possible additional fees

Shipping label prices

You can view our most current shipping label prices for DHL, DPD and UPS at any time in our Shipment Quote in the Shipcloud WebUI after your registration. This way, you can use Shipcloud to centrally query the prices and conditions of parcel services in one platform to determine the best carrier for you and your shipping scenario.

Good to know: Out of consideration for the carriers, we unfortunately cannot publish our prices on our website. By registering, you are not yet signing up for a paid subscription, but you can create test shipping labels and try out other functions in addition to the price check.

Individual shipping rates for more than 5000 shipments / year

If you send more than 5000 shipments per year via a carrier, but cannot or do not want to conclude your own contract with them, we can check whether we can make you an individual offer for our shipping rates. If this applies to you, please feel free to contact our sales team.

Working closely with UPS, DPD and DHL, we do not provide counter offers for carriers with whom you already have a account. The reason for this is that we do not compete with the carriers, but cooperate with them.

Surcharges and additional fees

Surcharges and/or additional fees will apply if you do not meet the shipping service providers' carriage requirements. These charges will be billed to your shipment and we will pass them on to you. You can also find more information in these articles:

For billing and shipping-related issues that require additional handling on the part of Shipcloud, we charge processing fees. You can find an overview here.


For more transparency when it comes to billing, you will receive a monthly invoice from us for all shipments created via Shipcloud business rates across all carriers. This allows you to view your booked shipments centrally and keep track of your shipping costs.

Good to know: If you ship via your own carrier accounts, the shipping costs are billed directly by the respective carrier and you only receive a bill from us for your subscription (basic and transaction fees).

Shipcloud features

With Shipcloud, you also get access to powerful features for your shipping that make your everyday work easier and allow you to focus on your core business.

You have not registered yet?

We provide you with a free trial month from our Starter to Enterprise subscription. You can also find more information here. This way you can put Shipcloud and our features through their paces and still get started with your shipping right away.

Any further questions? We are happy to help you.

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