Helpful tips for setting up the return portal

Easy return management for DHL, DPD and UPS

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1. Enter your return address

If you want to use the return portal, it is necessary to define a return address. You can make these settings under the menu item "Configurations>>Shipping Addresses" in the navigation bar on the left in your Shipcloud account.

Please note that you can currently only use the return portal for returns within Germany.

2. Activate the return portal

Simply go to the menu item "Return portal" in the navigation bar on the left in your Shipcloud account and create your public return portal.

Enter your subdomain and click on "Create return portal". We recommend you to use the name of your shop as subdomain, so that your customers can easily associate your return portal with your shop.

Please note that the subdomain cannot be changed after it has been created.

Good to know: The URL always ends with: and cannot be changed.

3. Configure your return portal

Before your return portal is activated, you need to define which carriers you want to offer your customers in the return portal for their returns.

If you ship via Shipcloud business rates, DHL, DPD and UPS are available for your returns. Alternatively, you can also use your own carrier contracts for your return portal. Please contact your account manager first to find out whether your contract is designed for this and what further costs you will incur.

Now simply select the desired carriers under the menu item "Configure" and store a back URL, to which your customers will be automatically forwarded after creating a return label. This way you can direct your customers back to your online store, for example. Then click on "Update" so that your changes are applied.

Good to know: Here you will see the actions you still need to perform before your return portal can be activated. If you have not yet entered your return address, this will also be displayed as a required action.

After your update, your public return portal will be activated automatically. The link to your return portal, which you can share with your customers, is now displayed and the domain is now accessible for you and your customers.

If you have not yet made any individual design settings in your Shipcloud account, our default settings will be applied automatically and your return portal will be displayed to you and your customers in the preset Shipcloud design:

4. Individualize your return portal

You have the possibility to customize your return portal to your shop design. Simply go to the menu item "Configurations>>Design" in the navigation bar on the left: .

There you can upload your company logo as well as change the color settings to your liking. This way, your company appearance will have a consistent look-and-feel from your shop to your tracking.

Tip: Also maintain your contact details, as they are displayed in the footer area of your return portal as well as on your tracking page and in your tracking emails. This makes it easier for your customers to contact you in the event of shipping problems.

You can also find more information about the design settings here.

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