Individual design settings in Shipcloud

Return portal, tracking page and tracking emails in your own design

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Settings for your design

1. Contact details

Enter your contact details and decide which contact information will be displayed to your customers in your returns portal, on your tracking page and in your tracking emails.

Please note that without this data, you will not be able to make any further customizations. Therefore, we recommend you fill them out first.

Good to know: Your company name, phone number, fax, email as well as website URL and imprint URL are subsequently visible on your tracking page and in your tracking emails. We recommend you enter the contact details of your support center. In the event of queries or problems, this way your customers can get in touch with the right contact straight away.

2. Logos

Upload your company logo: You now have the option to upload your company logo for your shipping labels as well as for your returns portal, tracking page and tracking emails.

Simply click on "Choose File" in the corresponding category to select your image file and then click on "Upload".

Good to know: We scale your uploaded logo for the shipping labels to 300x100 px. Your logo for your tracking page and tracking emails, on the other hand, will be scaled to 600x150 px. Therefore, please note that you upload larger image files for this purpose. If you would like to have an isolated logo with a transparent background, we recommend that you prepare the image file in PNG format beforehand or alternatively upload a logo with a white background. Please also note that company logos. due to scaling, are only integrated on shipping labels in DIN A6 format.

3. Coloring

Adjust the color values of your tracking page and tracking emails to your shop design. The settings will also be applied to your returns portal. If you do not store individual color values, we use a standardized color scheme.

Good to know: Don't forget to activate your design settings. To activate them for your tracking page and tracking emails, just go to the menu item Configurations >> Tracking and click on the two sliders.

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