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Shipping via Shipcloud business rates: customs charges and billing when shipping to a non-EU country
Shipping via Shipcloud business rates: customs charges and billing when shipping to a non-EU country

Customs clearance and invoice dispatch

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Shipcloud supports you with your international shipping from Germany.

In this article you will learn what types of customs charges there are and how we as subcarrier pass on any customs charges incurred to you as a sender.

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When do customs charges apply?

Customs costs are incurred as soon as a shipment leaves the European country or is imported from a non-EU country.

What are the types of customs charges?

Export customs clearance

Customs clearance of goods that leave their country of origin and are not transferred within the Community.

Import customs clearance

Customs clearance of goods imported from outside the European Union (EU) by truck, plane, ship, rail or other means.

The import requires a declaration for a customs procedure at customs. This procedure is usually carried out electronically or with the help of software solutions created for customs purposes.

In a classic import customs declaration, the various types of goods are declared for import on the basis of goods tariff numbers and description of goods. The customs duties are calculated on the basis of this information. In addition to customs duties, this may also include excise and anti-dumping duties as well as import sales tax.

Customs clearance costs

Costs incurred during customs clearance. These include personnel costs, fees to customs and costs for the preparation of import VAT receipts.

Who receives the customs invoice?

If you ship via Shipcloud business rates, we as the carrier will be invoiced for the customs costs incurred by the shipping service provider.

For import shipments, we pass on the customs costs to you as our customer.

In the case of export shipments, any customs costs incurred will be invoiced directly to the recipient. In the case of a DDP shipment (Delivered Duty Paid), we also charge the customs costs to you as the customer.

What do I have to consider as a shipper?

For all shipments abroad, you as the shipper must attach all required customs documents to the outside of the shipment. If these documents are missing from a shipment, the shipping service provider cannot forward your goods until the necessary documents have been submitted.

Please note that we charge a handling fee of 5.00 € per shipment for missing customs documents.

How is the invoice sent?

You will receive one invoice per shipment from us by email. This is sent automatically, so you will receive the associated customs documents in a separate email with reference to the invoice number.

Since customs costs are sporadic costs that have to be processed manually by us, we charge a handling fee of 2.50 € per shipment.

Notes on warranty:

Please note that Shipcloud cannot provide customs advice in the sense of legal advice. All information is therefore without warranty.

Further helpful information on the subject of customs can be obtained from these official sites:

Any further questions? We are happy to help you.

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