DHL: Maximum dimensions and weight, surcharges and additional fees

DHL shipping terms and possible additional costs

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In all our subscriptions, we provide DHL via Shipcloud business rates. Already from our Professional subscription you can integrate your own DHL contract.

In this article you will find important information about DHL package dimensions and weight limits, as well as about possible surcharges and fees.

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Maximum package dimensions and weight limits

DHL Standard and DHL Retoure

Max. weight

max. 31,5 kg

Max. dimensions

max. 120 x 60 x 60 cm

Max. girth *

max. 360 cm

Min. dimensions

min. 15 × 11 × 1 cm

DHL Warenpost

Max. weight

max. 1 kg

Max. dimensions

max. 35,3 x 25 x 5 cm

Min. dimensions

min. 10 x 7 x 0,1 cm

* The girth dimension is calculated as follows: Girth = (height + width) x 2 + length)

📌 Please note that it is not possible to send bulky shipments at Shipcloud business rates. This option is only available if you have your own DHL contract.

📌 Please note that additional costs per shipment may apply if your packages exceed the maximum package dimensions and weight limits. Shipcloud reserves the right to pass on to you the surcharges levied by DHL (see table below).

📌 Please note that from 2023, in the months of November and December, DHL will invoice a seasonal or peak surcharge, which we will pass on to you in the amount of € 0.20 per shipment. You can find more information here.

Surcharges and additional fees*



Price per shipment from Jan 1st, 2023

Bulky Goods

Surcharge for bulky national/international shipments with special requirements (such as a larger space requirement or particularly careful handling during transport).

ℹ️ Additional info

Bulky goods are shipments for which one or more of the following characteristics apply:

  • Exceeding the maximum parcel dimensions in at least one dimension (DHL Paket 120 x 60 x 60 cm; roll up to 5 kg, length 120 cm or diameter 15 cm).

  • Neither cuboid nor roll-shaped

  • Protruding parts

  • Packaging made of material other than cardboard or paper


€ 23.50


€ 32.00

Crisis / Corona Pandemic International

Crisis or pandemic-related surcharge for international parcel shipping to certain regions.

ℹ️ Additional info

Surcharge incurred for the enormous increase in air traffic costs, entry restrictions and staffing problems caused by the Corona pandemic.

DHL surcharge pricing is based on the respective area currently declared as a crisis area. For more information, please visit the DHL website on the coronavirus.

💡 Tip

In the "International Mail and Parcel Services" section, select the respective region and click "More" next to the country to view the applicable crisis surcharge under "Further Information".

Door-to-door Delivery Surcharge FI/SE

Surcharge for door-to-door delivery in Finland and Sweden, which takes place if the additional service "Closest Drop Off Point Delivery" or minimum "Advanced Notice" is not booked.

You can also find more information here.

€ 4.80

Flat Fee/Intentional Misdeclaration

Surcharge for knowingly (deliberately) false information or manipulation when determining dimensions and weight.

€ 18.50

Multiple Use of a shipment number

Surcharge for the non-permitted multiple use of a DHL shipment number.

€ 12.50

Parcel Posting After Deadline

Surcharge for non-compliance with the posting deadline specified by DHL and EDI data not transmitted in this context.

ℹ️ Additional info

On the one hand, DHL EDI data is not available if a shipment is handed over to DHL on the day the shipping labels are created, but no day-end closing has yet taken place and therefore no shipment data has yet been transmitted to DHL. Secondly, EDI data is not available if a shipment is handed over to DHL after expiry of the posting period of 10 days as these are deleted or no longer stored by DHL after 10 days.

DHL charges the applicable maximum rate for the respective country of destination. Depending on the destination, this corresponds to the shipping price of a 30 to 31.5 kg shipment.

Postal Outlet Routing

Surcharge for the provision of undeliverable DHL shipments for which the recipient cannot be determined at the specified address, usually at the nearest DHL postal outlet.

ℹ️ Additional info

DHL stores parcels in the in the postal outlet for up to 7 days. Failure to collect the parcel will result in the return of the parcel and the return charge listed below will be levied.

€ 1.99

Return Fee National/International

Surcharge for undeliverable national/international shipments, provided that DHL is not responsible for the undeliverability, as well as in all cases in which a return shipment is made in connection with the "Postal outlet Routing" or "Parcel Stop" services ordered by the sender.


DHL Paket

€ 6.00


€ 3.00


€ 22.00

Routing Code

Surcharge for coding fee if the routing code is missing, incorrect or illegible or for shipments that can only be delivered after correction of the recipient's address.

ℹ️ Additional info

The recipient's address is indicated as a barcode (routing code) on the shipping label. If the address is incorrect or cannot be found by DHL, this will result in an address correction by DHL and will subsequently be invoiced. An error in the routing code will become apparent to you if the digits under the bar code contain three zeros at the end.

€ 0.69

Withdrawal Fee

Surcharge for missing or incorrect weight determination or for an insufficiently franked shipment. In addition to the missing postage to be paid subsequently, the withdrawal fee is due as an expense allowance.

€ 2.50

* Surcharges are charged as (net) business fees, plus the applicable 19% VAT. Please note that the carriers may make changes to the surcharge or subsequent charge prices and we reserve the right to adjust these due to additional operational expenses. The above surcharges and fees were last updated on 12/20/2022.

📌 Further information on possible DHL surcharges can also be found directly on the DHL website.

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