From our Professional subscription or higher, you can easily integrate your existing DHL account.

If you would like to integrate your existing DHL "Ship" account into shipcloud, we will be happy to activate your account. Please send an e-mail to Once activated, "DHL Paket" will appear in your shipcloud WebUI under "Configurations" -> "Carriers" -> "DHL".

When your account has been activated, you can continue sending parcels at your rates. In this case, your individual terms and conditions apply with regard to:

  • transport insurance

  • (regular) pick-up/drop-off of shipments at parcel shops

  • worldwide/international shipping, including outside the EU

The following information is required to configure your DHL account:

To configure your DHL account in shipcloud, you need your 14-digit billing number and your login details for the DHL Business Portal as well as DHL Track&Trace.

Please note that you can have more than one account number. The billing numbers will differ for DHL Paket and DHL Paket International. You will find your billing numbers in the DHL Business Portal under "Masterdata" -> "Contract Positions" or on your DHL invoice.

How to complete the configuration for DHL standard shipping:

  • Username/Password: Please enter your login details for the DHL Business Portal. We would recommend to create a new user for shipcloud. Please note that the user name can only use lower cases and can’t be longer than 20 characters. You can change your user name in your DHL Business Portal under the menu item "user administration". 

  • Tracking Username/Password: In order to use the web-based Track&Trace service, you will have to request a "zt ID" from DHL. The zt ID always begins with "zt" followed by six digits, e.g., zt123456. You can then enter this information in this field. If you do not yet have login details for DHL Track&Trace, please explicitly request activation of the "DASS (Direktaufrufschnittstelle)" direct access interface when applying. If you do not, you may be able to log in to Track&Trace, but you will not have the permissions required to receive status updates. 

  • Billing Number DHL Paket: Please enter your 14-digit billing number for DHL Paket 

  • Billing Number DHL Paket International: Please enter, if existing, your 14-digit billing number for DHL Paket International 

DHL Europaket

If you also want to use DHL Europaket, you can enter your billing number here.

  • Billing number DHL Europaket: Please enter, if existing, your 14-digit billing number for DHL Paket Europaket 

For further information, please contact DHL directly. 

Returns with your own DHL account

To arrange DHL returns, you first need to ask your DHL sales partner for your login details to DHL Retoure Online "Type 3".

If you have your own Retoure Online "Type 3" returns account, we need the following data from you:

Configuration for DHL Retoure Online "Type 3"

  • Username/Password: The name and password of the web-based service user are required. This is usually the name of the portal ID preceded by the word "web".

  • Portal ID: You will receive the portal ID by e-mail when booking DHL returns (usually your company name) 

  • Return Recipient: Name of the return portal, which can be found in your return portal (usually RetourenWeb01

Information about billing:

After successfully configuring your own contract, you will always receive two invoices in the future: an invoice for the shipping labels of DHL and an invoice for the monthly shipcloud usage from us.

Please note that shipcloud cannot provide you any prices when creating the label, because our system has no access to this part of your contract. The shipping prices can be requested from your DHL account manager.

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