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DHL: Warenpost and Warenpost International

Fast, economical and flexible DHL shipping option for small goods

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You can use the Warenpost service via Shipcloud business rates or via your own DHL account. The Warenpost International service, on the other hand, can only be used with your own DHL account from our Professional subscription.

+++ As of July 01, 2022, the Warenpost International service has moved completely from Deutsche Post's interface to the DHL interface. How you can continue to send with Warenpost International via DHL in the future, you will learn below. +++

In this article, you will learn how you can send Warenpost nationally and internationally via DHL in connection with Shipcloud and what you have to consider.

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Warenpost shipping with Shipcloud

How to send Warenpost with Shipcloud

You can use DHL's Warenpost for your national shipping within Germany - via Shipcloud business rates or via your own DHL account. If you want to use the our rates, you can automatically select the "DHL Warenpost" service when you create your shipping labels.

Good to know: Shipcloud pays the surcharge for DHL GoGreen

With your DHL shipping via Shipcloud business rates, we automatically book GoGreen at no extra charge to all your domestic Warenpost shipments.

How to send Warenpost International with Shipcloud

With the DHL Warenpost International service, on the other hand, you can ship worldwide. To do this, you need your own DHL account and the corresponding DHL billing number(s) for Warenpost International and/or Warenpost International GoGreen.

Good to know: From our Professional subscription, you can integrate your own carrier accounts in Shipcloud.

Warenpost und Warenpost International

Maximum dimensions and weight


Warenpost International**

Max. weight

1 kg

1 kg

Max. dimensions

35.3 x 25 x 5 cm

35.3 x 25 x 10 cm

Min. dimensions

10 x 7 x 0.1 cm

14 x 9 x 0.1 cm

Additional services


Warenpost International**

Parcel notification*

Parcel notification*



Retail outlet routing**

Premium International**

Preferred location**

Customs documents (CN22)


*Via Shipcloud business rates or via your own DHL account

**Via your own DHL account only

Drop-off and pickup

As standard, you must hand in Warenpost shipments yourself. Smaller items can be posted via the mailbox and all Warenpost s can be dropped off at postal outlets. However, it is not possible to hand in Warenpost shipments via Packstations or DHL Paketshops or to have them be picked up. For customers with their own business customer contract and with more than 6000 shipments per year, DHL allows a pick-up at your location. Please contact your DHL account manager directly about this.

Tracking, delivery and liability


National Warenpost is always delivered with tracking. Thus, in the case of Warenpost, the course of the shipment within Germany is automatically documented upon posting or handover, at the sorting center, and upon delivery.

Warenpost International

Warenpost International is the low-cost alternative for your small-format goods shipment abroad. Shipping and delivery is always done in the most cost-effective way, without tracking and liability.

Warenpost International with the additional service Premium International

With the "Premium International" additional service, your International Warenpost will always be transported abroad by the fastest route. Depending on the destination, your international Warenpost shipments will come with tracking and liability thanks to this additional service. You can also find more information about this on the DHL website.

Harmonized Labels for Warenpost International

Within the framework of international working groups, a standardized label, the Harmonized Label, has been developed for the cross-border, lightweight shipment of goods, which has been mandatory since January 1, 2020.

Vorteile des Harmonized Labels

For you as sender, the Harmonized Label ensures quality standards and faster transit times for your shipments in the destination country.

In addition, the Harmonized Label enables a simplified and standardized customs clearance of your shipments, because the customs declaration is integrated directly on the shipping label, which means that you as a shipper do not need any additional documents for shipments of goods to dutiable foreign countries.

With Shipcloud you can easily create the Harmonized Label (customs declaration CN22) for your goods mail international shipments.For tips on creating a customs declaration (CN23/CN22) with Shipcloud, click here.

DHL Warenpost and Deutsche Post BĂźcher- und Warenversand (Book and Merchandise Shipment) in comparison

With Shipcloud, you can send your small-format, lightweight parcels as Warenpost via DHL or as BĂźcher- und Warensendung (Book and Merchandise Shipment) via Deutsche Post.

Warenpost (national)


BĂźcher- und Warensendung (national)

Deutsche Post

Max. dimensions: 35.3 x 25 x 5 cm

Max. weight: 1 kg

Max. dimensions: 35.3 x 25 x 5 cm

Max. weight: 1 kg

Tracking included

No tracking included

No liability for loss and damage

No liability for loss and damage

Delivery usually within 1-2 working days within Germany

Delivery usually within 3-4 working days within Germany

Available via Shipcloud business rates and by using your own DHL account with Shipcloud

Only available via Shipcloud business rates and by using your own DHL account in connection with Shipcloud

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