With shipcloud you can request one-off pickups for UPS, DPD and Hermes.

We advise you to collect all labels for one day and then request a pickup. Otherwise a pickup will be requested for every single parcel which can lead to errors. Please request the pickup before 17:00 so that the carriers can plan the pickup for the next working day. You will find the earliest pickup time in the WebUI. Carrier who offer pickups free of charge may reserve the right to pickup at a later time. The general time frame for pickups is between 09:00 and 17:00. Please keep that in mind regarding your opening hours. Unfortunately it isn't possible to grant a specific pickup time. 

Pickup request via shipcloud WebUI:

To request one-off collections in shipcloud, sign in to the shipcloud WebUI. Under the "Pickup" tab you will find a list of shipments that can be collected grouped by carriers. Next to each carrier name you'll find a green "truck" button. You can use this button to request the one-off collection.

Pickup request via plug-in / integration:

With most of the plug-ins / integrations a one-off collection can be requested directly via the plug-in / integration. Please ask the producer of the plug-in / integration if this request is possible directly from your backend.

Pickup request via API request:

You can also request pickups via API. You will find more information about this in our  Developer Portal.

If you have a direct account with one or more carriers, your existing terms and conditions for (regular) collection / deposit at carrier service points are still valid when using shipcloud. You can also use your shipcloud WebUI to request one-off collections from DPD, Hermes, or UPS directly. (Please note the instruction for requesting one-off pickups.)


Pickups with DHL are only possible with your own DHL account via the business customer portal.

Your shipment will be collected in the next available timeslot, usually on the next working day (the next weekday between 09:00 and 17:00 at the earliest).

If you are using DPD, please request the pickup before 17:00. If you are using Hermes and UPS, please request before 21:00 in order to make the pickup possible for the next day.

When requesting a pickup via shipcloud WebUI, the address which is entered as your sender's address, will be used for the pickup.
Via API you can also request the pickup from another address.
Only for Hermes there can't be requested another pickup point. It will always be performed at the address, which is entered in your shipcloud WebUI.

Please note that there may be a charge for this service based on the number of items in each pickup order.

Deposit at carrier service points if you are using shipcloud’s business rates:

With DHL, DPD and UPS, you can drop off your shipments at the nearest service point for the respective carrier. Unfortunately, it is not possible to drop off Hermes shipments at corresponding service points, i.e., they will have to be collected from your premises.

DPD shipments can also be dropped off at your nearest DPD depot.

Letters can be delivered to a specific address or for collection at any branch of Deutsche Post or at any DHL Packstation.

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