Please bear in mind when shipping to a non-EU country that the appropriate customs documents such as the pro forma or commercial invoice, needs to be attached in triplicate to every parcel.

In general, the following information is required on the invoice(s):

  • Name and address of the sender
  • Name and address of the recipient including contact person, telephone and fax number
  • Description of goods
  • Value of goods
  • Country of origin of the goods (date, stamp, original signature of the exporter, with the text of the respective commercial document)
  • Total value of the shipment with currency
  • Sales tax identification number (VAT Reg.)
  • Signature & company stamp of the sender
  • Address and possibly bank details of the sender: Telephone and fax numbers are desirable
  • Export reason, e.g. sale of goods, samples, repairs etc.

However, as a customs and tax treatment of the packages and thus the delivery of the documents by shipcloud is currently not possible, you have to take care of the customs clearance yourself, even if you ship via our shipcloud contracts. Thus, please note the provisions of UPS and contact UPS in case of questions or ambiguities directly.

Helpful tips on customs can also be found at:

When you're shipping through our rates, please note that we charge an additional fee of EUR 5 for missing customs documents per shipment according to our Fee Table.

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