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What other costs may be incurred?
What other costs may be incurred?

Shipcloud fee table

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In this article you will find out what other fees you will be charged by us under certain circumstances.

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When do additional fees apply?

As a rule, there are no additional fees for you apart from the monthly fee for your subscription (basic and transaction fees) and the costs for your shipping labels created via Shipcloud business rates. Only under certain circumstances, you may incur subsequent fees:

Non-compliance with shipping terms: surcharges imposed by the carriers

If you ship via the Shipcloud business rates, surcharges may apply that are subsequently levied by the carriers under certain circumstances. This may be the case, among other things, if your packages exceed the maximum package dimensions and weight limits of the carriers, and/or certain shipping conditions are not met by you. These additional charges will be billed to us by the carriers after the fact for your shipment, and we will then pass them on to you. More detailed information on possible surcharges can be found here in our help center within our carrier collection at DHL, DPD and UPS.

Additional handling: Shipcloud processing fees

For certain billing and shipping-related issues that require additional handling and involve additional operational effort, we charge the additional handling fees below.

Shipcloud fee table*

Reversal of a direct debit

15.00 EUR

Additional handling for missing / incorrect customs documents

5.00 EUR

Preparation of customs invoices

2.50 EUR

Additional handling for destruction / abandonment of a shipment

variable according to processing effort

*All indicated prices are exclusive of the valid value added tax of 19%.

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