We have summarised the permitted dimensions and weights for shipping via shipcloud business rates. If you have your own account with one of these carriers your individual terms and conditions apply to the maximum dimensions and weights.

Please note that it is not possible to send bulky shipments at shipcloud rates.

Package size and weight restrictions


  • Small parcels: Max. weight: 3 kg |  Max. length: 50 cm |  Max. Girth size: 111 cm

  • Standard shipments: Max. weight: 31,5 kg |  Max. length: 175 cm |  Max. Girth size: 300 cm 

  • Return and parcel shop delivery: Max. weight: 20 kg |  Max. length: 100 cm |  Max. Girth size: 250 cm 


  • Standard shipments:  Max. weight: 31,5 kg  | Max. length: 100 cm | Second max. length: 76 cm  | Max. girth: 300 cm

  • Parcel shop delivery: Max. weight: 20 kg  | Max. length: 97 cm | Second max. length: 76 cm  | Max. girth: 300 cm


  • Gewicht: Max. weight: 31.5 kg | Length: min. 15 cm, max. 120 cm | Second length: min. 15 cm, max. 60 cm | Height: min. 1 cm Max. combined length and girth: 360 cm

Please note: If you exceed these package dimensions, additional charges per shipment may apply. shipcloud reserves the right to pass on these surcharges to you.

You can calculate the girth size as follows: girth size = (height + width) x2 + length (in cm)

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