In all our subscriptions, shipping with DPD is directly available to you via shipcloud conditions.

In this article you will find important information about shipping with DPD via shipcloud business rates.

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  1. DPD shipping methods & additional services via shipcloud business rates

    1. DPD shipping methods

    2. DPD additional services

  2. Liability limit

  3. Maximum dimensions and weight, surcharges and additional fees

    1. Small packages

    2. Standard packages

    3. Surcharges

Available DPD shipping methods & additional services for shipping via shipcloud business rates

For your DPD shipping via shipcloud conditions, the following shipping methods and additional services are available. These are valid for shipping from Germany.

DPD shipping methods

  • DPD Standard (EU-wide) *

  • DPD Express (national) **

  • DPD Returns (AT, DE, BE, NL) ***

* DPD Standard

With your own DPD contract you can also ship beyond EU borders.

** DPD Express

With your own DPD contract you can also use this service internationally. Please note that you must mark DPD Express parcels with the red/white striped DPD banderole. You can find more information about the terms and conditions of carriage directly on the DPD website under the menu item "Terms of transport".

** DPD returns

With shipcloud, you can easily generate your DPD returns labels yourself via plugin/API or via the shipcloud WebUI and add them as enclosures to your DPD shipments. The return labels can be generated for national as well as for returns from Austria, Netherlands and Belgium. With your own DPD contract you can also use this service internationally.

In addition, you can give your customers access to the shipcloud return portal, where they can request and print out return labels on their own. Returns generated via the returns portal can only be used within Germany.

Billing for returns labels is based on usage.

Good to know: You can store your own carrier contract with us from our Professional subscription. For this purpose we provide you with a connection to DPD Iloxx or DPD Web Connect. If you want to ship from Austria with your own DPD contract, this is also possible. In this case, please contact

DPD additional services

  • Shipment tracking

  • Drop-off at DPD Pickup Parcel Shop (from DE) *

  • Pickup at the touch of a button (from DE) *

  • DPD Predict / advance notice (national / parts of the EU)

* Drop-off at DPD Pickup Paketshop/Depot

You can drop off your DPD shipments at a DPD Pickup Parcelshop or a DPD depot near you. Please note that the shipments you post at a DPD Parcel Shop are subject to the following restrictions:

Max. weight

20 kg

Longest side

100 cm

Max. girth

girth = (height + width) x 2 + length)

250 cm

Good to know: If you deliver more than 5 parcels per day, you are no longer considered a small sender for DPD and must therefore have your DPD shipments picked up directly at your location.

** Pickup at the touch of a button (from DE)

You can have your DPD parcels ordered via shipcloud conveniently picked up at your warehouse or store within Germany. You can find out how to order a one-off or sporadic pickup for your DPD shipments here.

Unfortunately, it is not currently possible to book pickups for DPD Express via the shipcloud interface.

Good to know: If you ship via shipcloud business rates for DPD, we can also request a regular pickup for your location from DPD if certain conditions are met.

This article gives you a general, tabular overview of the available DPD connections, shipping types and additional services.

Liability limit

When shipping via shipcloud's business rates conditions, the specified liability provisions of the carrier apply. In the case of DPD, the liability for domestic and international shipping in the event of loss or damage to your shipment is a maximum of 520 EUR.

Please be sure to observe DPD's terms and conditions of carriage. If these are not fulfilled, your liability claim may be void. You can find more information in the DPD terms and conditions. To download the GTC for DPD standard shipments (DPD Classic) as a PDF file, select "GTC DPD CLASSIC".

Maximum dimensions and weight, surcharges and additional fees

Small packages

Max. weight

3 kg

Max. dimensions

longest side 50 cm

Max. girth*

111 cm
[girth = (height + width) x 2 + length]

Standard packages

Max. weight

31,5 kg

Max. dimensions

längste Seite max. 175 cm

Max. girth*

max. 300 cm

[girth = (height + width) x 2 + length]

Max. volume weight **

max. 150 Ltr.

Please note that you cannot create bulky goods shipments via shipcloud conditions. This option is only available to you with your own DPD business customer contract.


DPD reserves the right to make subsequent calculations if your parcels exceed the maximum parcel dimensions and weight limits, and/or certain DPD shipping conditions are not met by you. This includes, among other things, the use of packaging that is not suitable for conveyor belts, the transmission of an incorrect recipient address or island and out-of-area surcharges. A detailed list of surcharges, including associated explanations and prices, is available here.

shipcloud reserves the right to pass on these additional costs to you.

Any further questions? We are happy to help you.

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