In all our subscriptions, shipping with DHL is directly available to you via shipcloud business rates.

In this article, you will learn which DHL services you can book and find out more about the shipping conditions that apply when shipping via shipcloud business rates.

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  1. DHL Services via shipcloud Conditions

    1. Shipping methods

    2. Additional services

  2. DHL shipping conditions via shipcloud business rates

    1. Maximum dimensions and weight

    2. Parcel insurance

    3. Parcel drop-off or pick-up

    4. Returns

    5. Surcharges or additional fees

DHL Services via shipcloud Conditions

Shipping methods

  • DHL Standard (DHL Paket, DHL Paket International)

  • DHL Warenpost (national)

  • DHL Retoure (national)

Additional services

  • Tracking

  • Customs documents (CN22)

  • Drop-off at DHL parcel shops and postal outlets

  • Shipping to DHL parcel shops and postal outlets and Packstations

  • Climate-neutral shipping with DHL GoGreen

  • Parcel notification

  • Sender’s instructions (return to sender / abandon shipment)

Provided you use your own DHL account in connection with shipcloud, further integrated services are available to you.

📌 Please note that our full range of services is currently only available for shipping from Germany.

DHL shipping conditions via shipcloud business rates

Maximum dimensions and weight

DHL Standard & Retoure

DHL Warenpost

Max. weight

31.5 kg

1 kg

Max. dimensions

120 x 60 x 60 cm

35.3 x 25 x 5 cm

Max. combined length and girth

360 cm

Minimum dimensions

15 x 11 x 1 cm

7 x 10 x 0.1 cm

📌 Please note that it is not possible to send bulky shipments at shipcloud rates. This option is only available if you ship via your own DHL account.

Parcel insurance

DHL Standard & Returns

DHL is liable in the event of loss, damage or culpable breach of other obligations for shipments not excluded as prohibited goods, provided the damage does not exceed 500 euros.

DHL Warenpost

There is no liability claim for DHL Warenpost shipments.

Parcel drop-off or pick-up

DHL parcels that you create using the shipcloud business rates can be posted at any DHL parcel shop or postal outlet.

DHL Warenpost may only be posted at postal outlets.

📌 Please note that your shipment must be posted no later than the 10th day after the shipping label is created. In the event of late posting, DHL will charge the "Parcel posting after deadline" fee.

📌 Pickups are not possible with DHL via shipcloud business rates.


As a shipcloud customer, you can easily generate DHL returns labels for shipments within Germany and enclose them in your parcels. Billing for these labels is based on usage.

Surcharges or additional fees

DHL reserves the right to subsequently charge additional fees, e.g. for address correction, manual sorting or for island or out-of-area surcharges. The surcharge may also be applied if the actual parcel dimensions or weight do not correspond with those specified.

shipcloud reserves the right to pass on these surcharges to you. Further information and an overview of possible surcharges can be found here.

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