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GLS: QR code return for shipping via your own carrier contract
GLS: QR code return for shipping via your own carrier contract

How you can offer your customers paperless returns

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This function is available to you from our Professional subscription and with your own GLS contract.

In the following, you will learn how you can offer your customers paperless returns using the GLS QR code return in connection with Shipcloud and your own GLS contract.

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1. GLS QR code return explained: enable returns without printer

Use GLS QR code return to offer your customers a simple, convenient and fast returns solution and give them the opportunity to reduce their carbon footprint with a paperless return.

Your customer doesn't have a printer? No problem. With this feature, you can provide your recipients with a QR code that they can present via their smartphone at the nearest GLS ParcelShop. On site, the QR code is scanned by a ParcelShop employee and a return label is printed for your customer, which is attached directly to the return package.

With Shipcloud, you can offer your recipients label-free GLS QR code returns using the Return Portal. In addition, this return variant can be booked via API request.

2. How can I offer GLS QR code returns to my customers in connection with Shipcloud?

1. Store your own GLS contract in your Shipcloud account.

To be able to use the GLS QR code return, you need your own GLS business customer contract. For more information on how to store your GLS contract with us, click here.

2. Let your customers create a QR code return label or create it for your customers.

OPTION 1️⃣ Share the link to your Return Portal with your customers.

In the Return Portal your customers can choose how they prefer to return the package to you: with a normal return label in PDF format to print out or with QR code in PNG format to show at the GLS ParcelShop.

📌 Please note that you can currently only use the Return Portal for national returns from Germany.

After your customer has created the return label in your Return Portal, he has the option of either downloading the QR code return label directly in PNG format or entering any email address in order to have the QR code return label sent to him by email.

Option 2️⃣ Book the QR code return label via API request and send it to your customers via email.

Alternatively, book the QR code return via API request and then email the generated QR code to your customers.

📌 If you book the GLS QR code return label via API request, this is possible for national returns from Germany and Austria.

📌 Please note that when you create a QR code via API request, you will also always receive a normal return label.

3. Individual design settings for your Return Portal

Furthermore, Shipcloud allows you to automatically adapt your tracking page & emails as well as your Return Portal to your design. This way, your customer will see your company logo on their mobile device in addition to the QR code, provided you have uploaded one. Your overall appearance is then from your store to the tracking to the returns in a uniform look and feel - the perfect customer experience.

Any further questions? We're happy to help.

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