DHL Online Retoure

For DHL Online Retoure, you must first check in your DHL Business Customer Portal whether you have made the necessary activations for DHL Online Retoure.

If the DHL Business Customer Portal login page is not automatically displayed in English, you can change the language by scrolling all the way down to "Sprachauswahl" ("Language Selection)".

How to activate the DHL Online Retoure in the DHL Business Customer Portal

1. Account activation for "API Returns"

For the DHL Retoure service, please first make sure that you have already been activated for the "API Returns". If you are not sure, please contact your DHL account manager.

2. Assign "Return" permission to your DHL user

  1. After logging in, click on your name in the upper right corner to expand the menu for your account settings and click on "Manage Users" to open your user overview.

  2. Edit the user that you have already stored with us for creating DHL Standard shipments and click on the pencil icon to edit the settings for this specific user.

  3. Now assign "Return" permission to this specific user. Simply click on "Return" in the menu item "Roles" and assign the permission by clicking on the arrow pointing to the right. Now click on "Save" so that your changes are applied. The functionality "Return" is now enabled for your user.

3. Copy Receiver ID

For the configuration in your shipcloud account, you will need your receiver ID, which you can find under the menu item "Returns>> Settings>>Recipient and country overview".

Configuration of DHL Online Retoure in your shipcloud account

After we have activated your DHL configuration at your request, you can store your contract data for DHL Online Retoure. Simply log in to your shipcloud account and select the menu item "Configurations>>Carriers" in the shipcloud WebUI.

Please enter the following data at the bottom of the page in the "Returns" section:

  • Receiver ID (return recipient): You can find this in your DHL Business Customer Portal under "Returns>> Settings>>Recipient and country overview".

  • Username/Password: If you leave these fields blank, we will use the username and password from the "Standard Service" section in your DHL configuration.

Please note that only national returns within Germany are possible with DHL Online Retoure.

Good to know: This allows you to offer your customers the mobile DHL QR code return.

Do you have any further questions? Our support team will be happy to assist you.

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