This carrier is available to you from our Professional subscription.

If you want to integrate your own MyDPD Business contract into shipcloud, we will gladly activate the configuration for you. Just write us an email at After activation, MyDPD Business will be displayed in the shipcloud WebUI under Configurations -> Carriers -> MyDPD Business.

Through the activation, you can send on your terms.
In this case, your individually agreed conditions apply regarding:

  • transport insurance

  • the (regular) collection / drop-off at parcel shops

You must enter the following data in shipcloud:

  • MyDPD Business customer number

  • MyDPD Business Token

The data can be found in your MyDPD Business web portal under:

In your account settings you should be able to get to a topic called "DPD Webservice". There you can find your 8-digit Token, which you have to enter into your shipcloud configuration.

It is important that the token belongs to the MyDPD Business Webservice and not to the "DPD Cloud Webservice". If in doubt, please inform yourself at if your token is suitable for the MyDPD Business Webservice.

Your customer number can be found on the right side under your username.

Important note for creating shipping labels:

When creating the shipping labels please make sure that you do not select the carrier DPD.

Please always choose MyDPD Business or "iloxx" to use your own shipping rates.

Information about billing:

After successful configuration you automatically send to your own MyDPD Business conditions. Please note that shipcloud will not be able to show you prices for MyDPD Business because our system has no access to this part of your contract. You can request your shipping conditions from MyDPD Business.

Your MyDPD Business shipping labels will be billed to you by MyDPD Business. From shipcloud you receive a monthly invoice for the use of the service as well as the shipping labels created on shipcloud conditions.

Regarding the topic pick-ups your regulations agreed with MyDPD Business apply.

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