1. Enter your billing address and choose your method of payment

You can add your billing address as well as choose your method of payment in your account under "Billing". As soon as you have entered your data, your account becomes active and you can create live shipping labels and use our services to the desired extent.

Further information on why it is necessary to enter your payment details can be found here.

2. Enter your shipping address

You can enter your shipping address in your WebUI as well as in the settings of your plug-in / integration. Please read here, which data is necessary to ensure the correct transfer to the carriers.

3. Customize your tracking and shipping labels

a) Tracking page and email notifications for your customers

Under the menu item "Configurations" >> "Design" you can adapt the design of your status emails and your external tracking page to your shop design in terms of colour and incorporate your logo. 

In addition, under "Tracking" you can rewrite the texts for your emails and tracking page according to your taste. 

You can design the following elements:

  • Your logo on your external tracking page as well as status emails 

  • Design them in the colours of your online shop 

  • Rewrite the texts to your style 

  • Multilingual emails and tracking page (de/en)

Here you will find a step-by-step guide as well as helpful setup tips.

b) Shipping label

To show your logo on the shipping label you can customize this setting as well in your account under "Configurations" >> "Design".

Currently the shipping labels generated via shipcloud are given in DIN A5 and DIN A6 as PDF files. However, with the exception of DPD, it is currently not possible to integrate your own company / retailer logo when creating a shipping label in DIN A6 format.

4. Choose further options

shipcloud offers you a variety of additional services which facilitates your everyday business. 

In any subscription plan, you can send your parcels with DHL, UPS and DPD via shipcloud rates. Further, you have the option to integrate your own carrier contracts if you subscribe at least to our Professional subscription. 

If you want to request a pickup of your parcels, this service is offered by UPS or DPD via shipcloud rates. Instructions on how to request a collection can be found here.

Have you already heard of our Return Portal?
With the help of this platform, you can flexibly decide how to solve your return process and how much influence you want to leave to your customer. By setting up the Return Portal, your customers can easily create a return label themselves - when they need it. Further information can be found here.

5. Create your first shipping label

You can create your first label in your WebUI, via plug-in / integration or via API. Further information on how to connect your shop system / backend with shipcloud can be found here.

You can create labels for DHL, UPS and DPD right after your registration. If you want to know, which carriers can be integrated additionally, please read here.

In any case, it is necessary for you to pay attention to the restrictions for submitting data to the carriers. There are carrier specific field lengths for the addresses of consignor and consignee as well as for the customs declaration forms if applicable. 

Here you can also access all the information regarding label size and formats.

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