For the carrier DHL, we have integrated the following additional services in shipcloud:

DHL Ident Check: Through this service, you ensure that the shipment will be handed out exclusively to the recipient personally and after checking the personal ID. This service is available only through API request.

DHL Premium: With this DHL service you can optimize the shipping for your international parcels. Shipments with DHL Premium are preferred and always transported to the destination country by the fastest means of transport. The settings can be made either in your shipcloud account or via API request to us.

DHL Cash on Delivery: Through the use of DHL cash on delivery, the parcel will only be delivered if the recipient pays the specified amount. This service is available only through API request.

DHL Higher Insurance: For particularly valuable shipments DHL offers the possibility of a higher insurance. This exceeds the liability of the usual EUR 500 to up to EUR 2,500 or EUR 25,000 for your shipment. You can only book this service via API request.

DHL Preferred Time: This service enables you to offer your customers Germany-wide delivery at a desired time. There are different time windows available for this purpose: Two time windows for evening delivery and in metropolitan areas you can offer your customers preferred time deliveries between 10 am to 9 pm. This service is only available for national shipments within Germany and can be booked via API request.

If you post these services to your shipments, additional costs may be incurred. For more information, please contact our support team at or your DHL Account Manager.

To find out which plug-ins or platforms have already integrated these additional services, please ask your plug-in developer or your platform support directly.

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