2. Create a shipping label in Shopware 5

How to create shipping labels in Shopware 5 with Shipcloud

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Using the Shipcloud connector for Shopware 5, you can generate shipping labels directly from your Shopware online shop with just a few clicks.

In this article, you will learn how to use Shipcloud to create shipping labels in Shopware. If you have not yet configured the Shipcloud connector for Shopware 5, you can find helpful information on downloading and setting it up here.

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Call up order overview

Log in to your Shopware 5 backend and click on "Customers → "Orders" in the menu bar at the top.

In the mask that opens, an order overview of your orders received is displayed on the right. There you can edit your orders manually or create your shipping labels automatically via batch processing.

Manual order and shipping processing

If you want to edit an order or make changes to the shipping details before the label is created, first click on the pencil icon to the right of the corresponding order.

In the order details mask that opens, you will be shown a tab view.

Select the "Shipcloud" tab. All labels for the respective order are listed there. Then click on the button "Create label".

A mask with the shipping details of the order will now open. In this view you can make individual changes for the shipment.


Here you can make changes to the recipient address.

Packetmaße & -gewicht (package dimensions & weight)

Here you can adjust dimensions and weight of the shipment.

Package data

Here you can select, among other things, the desired carrier and service. In addition, you can change package content information for your dutiable shipments and adjust the reference displayed on the shipping label.

If you select DHL and ship via your own DHL contract, you can also select whether an age verification respectively an ID check should be performed upon delivery.

Abholung (pickup)

Here you can request a sporadic same-day pickup for express shipments.

Good to know: Provided that you have specified in your configuration of the Shipcloud connetor for Shopware 5 that a pickup should be booked for all your express shipments, a pickup order will automatically be placed for the shipment.

Warenwert (value of goods)

Here you can adjust the value of goods. If the value of goods is more than 500 EUR and you ship via your own DHL or UPS contract, you can also add the additional service higher insurance.

Lieferung (delivery)

If it is an express shipment, you can specify the delivery date and period here and provide a delivery note.


Here you specify whether the package recipient should be informed about the shipping status via tracking email.

If you have made and checked all settings, you can now create the shipping label via the blue button "Create label". The label will then be displayed under the "Shipcloud" tab in the shipping label overview. If you now click on "Create label" in the overview, the shipping label will be provided to you in PDF format for printing.

Label creation via batch processing

Log in to your Shopware 5 backend and click on "Customers → "Orders" in the menu bar at the top. Now select the relevant orders on the right in the order overview by checking the boxes to the left of the order.

Provided you have selected the orders concerned, a new button will become active at the top. Click on the right button "Create shipping labels" and the labels for all selected orders will be created automatically.

A new window will then open where you can see which shipping labels have been created. Via the blue button "show / print labels" all shipping labels will then be displayed to you in PDF format and made available for printing.

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