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DPD shipping conditions and possible surcharges

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In all our subscriptions, we provide DPD via Shipcloud business rates. Already from our Professional subscription you can integrate your own DPD contract.

In this article you will find information about DPD package dimensions and weight limits, as well as about possible surcharges and fees.

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Maximum package dimensions and weight limits

Small packages

Max. weight

max. 3 kg

Max. dimensions

longest side max. 50 cm

Max. girth *

max. 111 cm

Standard packages

Max. weight

max. 31,5 kg

Max. dimensions

longest side max. 175 cm

Max. girth *

max. 300 cm

Max. volume weight **

max. 150 Ltr.

Returns and drop-off at DPD Pickup parcelshops

Max. weight

max. 20 kg

Max. dimensions

longest side max. 100 cm

Max. girth *

max. 250 cm

* The girth dimension is calculated as follows: girth = (height + width) x 2 + length). Click here to go to the DPD girth calculator.

** Particularly voluminous parcels over 150 liters volume will be charged with the surcharge "Parcels Not Automatically Conveyable / Non-Conveyable (NC)". For air freight, billing is based on the volumetric weight if this exceeds the actual weight in kg.

Airfreight parcels are priced on the basis of volumetric weight in cases where this exceeds the actual weight in kg.

📌 Please note:

  • If your packages exceed the maximum package dimensions and weight limits and/or certain DPD shipping conditions are not met by you, you may incur additional costs. Shipcloud reserves the right to pass on to you the surcharges levied by DPD (see table below).

  • Bulky shipments are not possible via the Shipcloud business rates. This option is only available to you with your own DPD business customer contract.

  • DPD charges a surcharge for not automatically conveyable parcels (NC), among others, for parcels from a length of more than 120 cm up to a length of 175 cm or with a width of more than 60 cm, or with a height of more than 60 cm.

  • In addition to the "Seasonal Surcharge Tire Shipping" listed in the table below, which is calculated subsequently as a surcharge, DPD charges a seasonal surcharge of EUR 0.40 / parcel in the run-up to Christmas. You can find more information here.

Surcharges and additional fees*



Price per shipment

from Jan 1st, 2023

Address Correction National/International

Surcharge for processing incorrect domestic and international recipient addresses (such as incorrectly transmitted street, house number, zip code).


€ 7.80


€ 13.50

Excess Size (overweight, length, girth)

Surcharge for parcels with a weight of more than 31.5 kg, a length greater than 175 cm (or 120 cm in international express shipping) or a girth greater than 300 to 330 cm.

Further information:

For packages whose weight is more than 40 kg and whose girth is more than 330 cm, the "Freight Forwarding Surcharge" will be charged.

€ 38.00

Faulty/Not Routed Packages

Surcharge for an incorrect, unreadable barcode on the shipping label.

€ 0.95

Freight Forwarding

Surcharge for exceeding a weight of 40 kg, a length of 250 cm or a girth of 330 cm.

€ 57.50

Hard to access islands and regions (Island Surcharge)

Surcharge for delivery to islands and areas difficult to access due to geographical conditions.

Further information:

On the DPD website you can download a list of all islands and regions subject to surcharges as a PDF file.

€ 24.00

LQ surcharge (Hazardous Goods in Limited Quantities)

Surcharge for the transport of hazardous goods in limited quantities.

€ 4.50

Charged from May, 1st 2023.

Missing/ Insufficient Advice Data

Surcharge for electronic transmission of shipment data that is not transmitted on the same day.

€ 0.95

New delivery attempt

Surcharge for ordering a new delivery attempt after an initial delivery attempt has been unsuccessful.

€ 3.50

Charged from May, 1st 2023.

Parcels Not Automatically Conveyable / Non-Conveyable (NC)

Surcharge for packages that are not automatically conveyable (NC).

Non-conveyable package shapes:

  • Buckets/drums

  • Canisters

  • Cartons wrapped with foil

  • Goods in sacks or bags

  • Roll-shaped packages

  • Unpackaged special shapes

  • Wooden or metal packages

Non-conveyable package dimensions:

Packages with a length of more than 120 cm up to a length of 175 cm or with a width of more than 60 cm or with a height of 60 cm.

Non-conveyable package volume:

Packages whose volume exceeds 150 liters (volume [l] = length [cm] × width [cm] × height [cm] / 1000).

€ 6.50


Surcharge for the transportation of tires and any additional handling that may be required.

€ 7.00

Tires - Seasonal Surcharge

Surcharge levied per tire for the transportation of tires during the seasonal periods of March through May and September, 23rd through December, 23rd, in addition to the surcharge "Tires".

€ 1.80

Undeliverable / Acceptance Refusal National/ International

Surcharge for undeliverable packages that cannot be delivered due to absence or refusal of acceptance and are returned to the sender.


€ 6.50


€ 12.50

* Surcharges are charged as (net) business fees, plus the applicable 19 % VAT. Please note that the carriers may make changes to the surcharge or subsequent charge prices and we reserve the right to adjust these due to additional operational expenses. The above surcharges and fees were last updated on April, 14th 2023 effective May, 1st 2023.

📌 Further information on possible DPD surcharges can also be found directly on the DPD website. Here you can also download an overview of the above-mentioned parcels that are not automatically eligible as a PDF file under the menu item "Special features and surcharges" >> "Excess size/weight and special parcel properties".

📌 Please also note the seasonal surcharge in the run-up to Christmas, which DPD levies from November, 1st to December, 23rd 2022.

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