You can use Hermes through your own business rates or the shipcloud rates. In both cases you need an activation for the carrier Hermes in your shipcloud account.

To use your own rates, you would have to register for our Professional subscription first.

Please contact our support team at and tell us on what conditions you want to send.

The following services are currently available with Hermes:

Shipping Methods

  • Standard (EU-wide) (S / E) *
  • Returns (E)
  • Bulky goods (E) **

Additional services

  • Shipment tracking (S / E)
  • Pick-up (S / E)
  • Parcel Announcement via E-Mail and SMS (E) **
  • Ident Service (E)
  • Express Service (E) **

(S / E): possible via shipcloud conditions as well as with your own contract
(E): Only possible with own contract

* shipcloud supports EU-wide shipping with Hermes from Germany. Please note that shipments outside the EU are currently not possible with Hermes in connection with shipcloud.

** Only available for national shipping within Germany.

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