With shipcloud you can also send your packages to DHL Packstations.

In order for shipments that you send to a DHL Packstation to reach it successfully, it is necessary that you enter the address data in the address fields when creating the shipping label according to the following format:

Per address (c/o):

Enter the recipient's Packstation customer number (postal number) here.


Enter the word PACKSTATION here .

Street number:

Enter the number of the Packstation here.

Zip code:

Enter the zip code of the Packstation here.

Please note that there may be individual deviations in the address fields if you create your shipping labels via a plugin. If you have questions about how to enter the address data there, please contact the producer of the plugin directly in this case.

Please also note that only parcels with a maximum size of 75 x 60 x 40 cm can be sent to Packstations.

Any further questions? We're happy to help.

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