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Can I use my shipping carrier contract with Shipcloud?
Can I use my shipping carrier contract with Shipcloud?

How to ship with Shipcloud via your own business customer contract and shipping rates

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Already from our Professional subscription you can integrate your own carrier contracts into Shipcloud and ship according to your individually agreed shipping rates and conditions. Of course, in this case your contractual relationship with the respective carrier remains in place when shipping via Shipcloud, and your individual agreements regarding shipping conditions, transport insurance and liability limits apply. If you have any questions about loss, damage or general shipping complaints, please always contact the respective carrier directly.

Shipcloud provides a unified multi-carrier interface that allows you to easily connect your ecommerce, ERP or WMS system to multiple parcel services. At the same time, Shipcloud takes care of the maintenance and upkeep of the interfaces to the various carriers.

You can easily store your contract and access data in your Shipcloud account in your carrier configuration. To do this, log into your Shipcloud account respectively into the Shipcloud webUI and select the menu item "Carriers" within the configurations in the navigation bar on the left. Click on the blue contract symbol for the desired carrier to enter the access data in the corresponding configuration and make any further settings. Then click on "Save & activate" so that your changes are applied and your own contract conditions are used when creating shipping labels. You can also find out exactly how to set up your own contract with us for each parcel service, and what information you need to provide, in our Help Center collection "Included carriers for a quick shipping start". Simply search for the carrier you want to use and select the "Shipping via your own contract" article for more information on how to set it up.

📌 If you start shipping directly with DHL, DPD or UPS and create shipping labels without having saved your contract data, you will automatically ship via Shipcloud business rates. Therefore, please make sure that you have saved and activated your access data for these carriers in your carrier configuration. Only after activation will you ship via your own business customer rates.

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