You can use this carrier with your own contract from our Professional subscription.

In this article you will learn which Asendia interface, shipping services and package formats you can use with shipcloud.

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  1. Asendia shipping with shipcloud

  2. Asendia connection and integrated shipping services

    1. Available Asendia interface

    2. Integrated shipping methods

    3. Integrated additional services

  3. Asendia package and label formats, maximum dimensions and weight

Asendia shipping with shipcloud

About Asendia

Founded by La Poste and Swiss Post, Asendia is considered a specialist in cross-border mail and parcel delivery. Asendia is represented on 4 continents and delivers to over 200 countries and territories. In doing so, Asendia collects, consolidates, processes and then hands over letters and parcels to carefully selected local last mile delivery partners, such as national postal operators, alternative delivery services and commercial parcel companies. For more information, visit the Asendia website.

Asendia in connection with shipcloud

In conjunction with shipcloud, you can ship your items worldwide from Germany* with your own Asendia contract via Asendia's most cost-effective international package and parcel shipping solution e-PAQ Standard Economy and e-PAQ Standard Priority with the additional service "Bonus Tracking".

For your shipments subject to customs duties, the transfer of customs content data is required. With shipcloud, you can transmit this electronically and create a customs declaration CN22 together with your shipping labels.

📌 To be able to integrate your own Asendia account, you must at least be registered for our Professional subscription. How you can store your own Asendia contract in shipcloud, you can find out here. Please note that you can only handle cross-border shipments with Asendia.

* If you want to ship from a country outside of Germany, this is technically possible. As we have to check the possibility of a connection and the available Asendia services depending on your sender country first, please contact our sales team via email to if you are interested.

Asendia connection and integrated shipping services

Available Asendia interface

We provide you with an easy and fast connection to the Asendia Shipping API V1 web service via our multi-carrier interface.

Integrated shipping methods

e-PAQ Standard Economy [1]

EU and worldwide

e-PAQ Standard Priority [2]

EU and worldwide

e-PAQ Plus [3]

EU and worldwide

[1] Standard service without tracking and without modifier to speed up shipping time for less urgent cross-border shipments.

[2] Standard service without tracking (additional service "Bonus Tracking" can be added) and with the modifier "Priority" to speed up the shipping time for more urgent cross-border shipments.

[3] Service with tracking and without modifier to speed up shipping time for less urgent cross-border shipments. Additional service "Personal Delivery" can be added.

📌 The e-PAQ Standard Economy and Priority service does not include tracking by default. If you want additional security through tracking, you can add the additional service "Bonus Tracking" exclusively for e-PAQ Standard Priority. This may incur additional costs. Please contact your Asendia Sales Manager directly for more information.

Integrated additional services

Automatic tracking [1]

multi-carrier tracking

Customs documents [2]

customs declaration CN22

Asendia Bonus Tracking [3]

Additional service for e-PAQ Standard Priority

Asendia Personal Delivery [4]

Additional service for e-PAQ Plus

[1] Please note that you can only use shipcloud tracking for Asendia if the selected service includes tracking.

[2] With shipcloud you can also create a customs declaration CN22 for Asendia together with the shipping label. In this article you will learn how to create a customs declaration with shipcloud.

[3] With this additional service, your shipments are tracked from the start of dispatch to the first scan event in the destination country. A delivery scan is generally not provided.
[4] With this additional service, your Asendia e-PAQ Plus shipments are delivered personally upon the signature of the original recipient or an authorized person living in the household.

Asendia parcel and label formats, maximum dimensions and weight

Small packages

[format B]

[format N]

Max. weight

2 kg

2 kg

Max. dimensions

35,3 x 25 x 3 cm

length 60 cm, L+W+H =

90 cm

Good to know: shipcloud automatically determines the most suitable and cheapest Asendia package format for you based on your specified package dimensions.

The Asendia shipping labels are output in PDF format DIN A6.

Any further questions? We are happy to help you.

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