You can use these Hermes additional services with your own Hermes contract.

In this article you will learn which Hermes additional services are already integrated in shipcloud.

You can find out which plug-ins or platforms have also already implemented these additional Hermes services by asking your plug-in developer or your platform.

In this article 👇

  1. Hermes CashOnDeliveryService (COD)

  2. Hermes CustomerAlertService

  3. Hermes IdentService

Hermes CashOnDeliveryService (COD)

With this service, the Hermes parcel is only handed over to the recipient after payment of the outstanding invoice amount.

Please note the following requirements:

  • Can only be used for national shipments within Germany

  • The currency must be Euro

You can book this service via API Request.

Hermes CustomerAlertService

With this service you can increase your delivery rate by informing your parcel recipients via SMS or email that a shipment is about to arrive.

You can book this service via API Request.

Hermes IdentService

With this service, you ensure that your parcels are only handed over to the recipient in person - after the identity and, if applicable, the age have been checked on the basis of identification.

You can book this service via API Request.

Please note that you may incur additional charges when booking these additional services. For more information, please contact our Support Team or your Hermes Account Manager directly.

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