This carrier is available to you from our Professional subscription.

If you want to integrate your own ANGEL contract in shipcloud, we will gladly activate the configuration for you. Just write us an email at

After activation, ANGEL will be displayed in the shipcloud WebUI under Configurations -> Carriers -> ANGEL.

Through the activation, you can send on your terms.
In this case, your individually agreed conditions apply regarding:

  • Transport insurance

  • The (regular) pick-up / drop-off at parcel shops 

You must enter the following data with shipcloud:

  • User name of your Angel Account

  • Password of your Angel Account

The needed data can be obtained from your contact at ANGEL.

Information about billing:

After successfully configuring your own contract, you will always receive two invoices in the future: an invoice for the shipping labels of ANGEL and an invoice for the monthly shipcloud usage from us.

Please note that shipcloud cannot provide you any prices when creating the label, because our system has no access to this part of your contract. The shipping prices can be requested from your ANGEL account manager.

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