ANGEL: Overview of the connection with Shipcloud

Integrated shipping methods and additional services

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Shipcloud supports you in shipping your ANGEL packages national from Germany via your own ANGEL contract, which you can already integrate into Shipcloud from our Professional subscription.

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Integrated ANGEL shipping method*

ANGEL Same Day
Service for national shipping

To book ANGEL Same Day in the Shipcloud webUI, select "Same Day" as service and "Parcel" as package type.

To book ANGEL Same Day via API request, transmit "same_day" as service and "parcel" as package type.

Integrated additional services for ANGEL*


Multi-carrier tracking solution including individual and multilingual tracking page and emails in your own shop design. For more information about this feature and the benefits, please visit our website. Information about individual tracking settings can be found here.


Date and time of delivery according to individual customer's request.

*This information applies to shipping from Germany.

Available label formats

The shipping label can be issued in the following label formats:




ZPL2 4x6in 203dpi


ZPL2 4x6in 300dpi

You can set the PDF shipping label format in the Shipcloud webUI under the menu item "Configurations" >> "Label configurations". If you need a ZPL shipping label format, you can request the corresponding ZPL format via API request.

You can only use ANGEL with your own contract in connection with Shipcloud, which you can easily integrate from our Professional subscription. You can find out how to store your contract with us here

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