Our offer, with all connected carriers and services, is so far only available to customers from Germany in full.

Shipping from other countries is possible under the following conditions:

If you want to use our service outside of Germany, at the moment only UPS, DPD, DHL Express and GLS are available as carriers, only with own contracts from the respective countries.

The DPD connection can also be used from Austria.

The connection to the GLS Web API can be used from the following countries: Belgium, Denmark, Finland, France, Ireland, Luxembourg, Austria, Portugal, Spain.

It is also possible to ship from other countries outside of Germany if you are using your own DHL Express contract. This is possible for example from: Austria, Belgium, Denmark, France, Spain and Portugal.

The UPS connection is internationally usable.

📌 If these options are appropriate for your shipping scenario, please contact our sales team at sales@shipcloud.io.

📌 Please note that you must be registered with us at least in the Professional subscription for the deposit of our own carrier contracts.

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