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From which countries can I use Shipcloud?
From which countries can I use Shipcloud?

Shipping from abroad

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You can also use Shipcloud outside Germany with your own DHL Express, DPD, GLS and/or UPS contract. You can store your own carrier contracts from our Professional subscription.

In this article you will learn how you can also use Shipcloud outside of Germany.

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How to ship from abroad with Shipcloud

In order to use Shipcloud with a shipping or sender address outside of Germany, it is necessary that you use your own contract with the corresponding carrier and for the respective country. You can then store your own carrier contract from our Professional subscription.

You can use these carriers for your shipping from abroad

Our offer, with all connected carriers and services, is currently only fully available to customers from Germany.

If you want to use our service outside Germany, DHL Express, DPD, GLS and UPS are currently available as carriers, in each case only with their own contracts from the corresponding countries. Outside the EU, shipping is possible from the UK and Switzerland.

You can ship from these countries with your own contract

DHL Express

If you want to ship with your own DHL Express contract from a country outside Germany, this is possible in many European countries, for example from: Austria, Denmark, the Netherlands, Spain and Portugal. Outside the EU, shipping is possible in Switzerland for your national shipping.


You can also use the DPD connection from Austria.


You can use the connection to the GLS Web API from the following countries: Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Finland, France, Ireland, Luxembourg, Portugal, Spain.


The UPS connection can be used internationally from many countries.

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