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Which countries can I ship to?
Which countries can I ship to?
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shipcloud supports international shipping to all countries within the EU. To ship to an EU country, simply enter the full address when you create a shipping label via the shipcloud API. Please note that not all carriers deliver to all countries. If you select a carrier that does not ship to a particular country, you will receive an error message if you specify the country when creating the shipping label.

If you create your shipping labels exclusively through shipcloud, i.e., without a direct carrier account, and you receive a message stating that the destination country is not supported by the carrier, please contact our support team at for information on shipping to that country.

We are continually seeking to increase our coverage throughout Europe.

If you have a direct account with a carrier, you can send shipments worldwide subject to your existing terms and conditions with that carrier. If you have any queries on this issue, please contact

When shipping to non-EU countries, please remember to complete the relevant customs documents, e.g., pro forma or commercial invoice. Since shipcloud does not provide these documents, please follow the guidelines provided by the respective carrier and contact them directly if you have any questions.

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