GO!: shipping by using your own business rates
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You can use this parcel service with your own carrier account from our Enterprise subscription.

If you want to integrate your own GO! contract in Shipcloud, we will gladly activate the configuration for you.

Please note:

In contrast to all other connected CEP services, the activation of GO! causes us an increased set-up effort, which is why we charge a one-time fee for the whole configuration. Please contact sales@shipcloud.io for an individual offer.

It will take approximately 2-3 weeks from the commissioning to the completion of the GO! connection. Please consider this time span when you're planning on shipping with GO! via Shipcloud.

Here you can find an overview of the services we have integrated for GO!. 

Use GO! with Shipcloud

Through the configuration, you can send on your own terms. In this case, your individually agreements with GO! apply regarding:

  • Your transport insurance

  • The regular pick-up

  • Worldwide / international shipping

We need the following data from you for the set-up:

  • GO! customer number

  • Username / Password from the GO! Website

  • Your responsible depot

After receiving the data, we will activate GO! for you.

If already available, you can also enter:

Important information about the GO! integration in Shipcloud

Only a few integrations support GO! so far. These include Gambio, PrestaShop, Shopify, Shopware, weclapp and WooCommerce.

Regarding the GO! usage there are some important technical rules to consider.
For instance, with GO! it is necessary to send the pick-up request together with the label request. More information can be found in our Developer Portal.

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