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Can I book an additional insurance for my parcels?
Can I book an additional insurance for my parcels?

How to get your parcel insured higher

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Packages that you send on Shipcloudbusiness rates are insured up to a liability limit of 500, - EUR, with GLS even up to 750, - EUR.
If you ship higher-quality goods, we recommend that you additionally insure the packages against damage or loss.

Unfortunately, we cannot offer you any higher insurance at our conditions yet, but if you have your own contracts with DHL, UPS or Cargo International, you can book a higher insurance through our interface for each shipment. The additional costs for this service will be billed as you have agreed with your carrier.

In our Developer Portal you can read about how you can book the higher insurance via API. Unfortunately it is not possible to create such labels via your WebUI.

Whether the booking of a higher insurance is also possible through your shop system or plug-in, you can find out from the relevant manufacturer.

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