In which format are the shipping labels available?
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Currently the shipping labels generated via Shipcloud are output as PDF files in DIN A5 and DIN A6 format. Unfortunately it is not possible to print our labels on DIN A4. If you print the DIN A5 labels on A4, the scaling will be lost and the labels can no longer be scanned.

In addition, you can upload your company logo to display it on your shipping labels. Due to the scaling, you can only integrate your logo for shipping labels in DIN A5 format.

After downloading you can print the shipping labels either using a standard printer or a thermal / label printer, such as Zebra, on DIN A5 or DIN A6 adhesive or thermal printer labels. For this purpose it may be necessary to change the format of the shipping label in the Shipcloud webUI to DIN A5 or A6.

You can set the size of the shipping labels in the Shipcloud dashboard under "Configurations" >> "Configure label". If you have made the settings in your WebUI you only need to set the appropriate paper format on the printer. If you still need a printer for your dispatch, you can find our recommendation here.

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