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Additional carriers on request - shipping with own contract
Österreichische Post: Overview of the connection with Shipcloud
Österreichische Post: Overview of the connection with Shipcloud

Integrated shipping methods and additional services

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You can use this carrier via your own business rates from our Enterprise subscription.

In this article, you will learn which integrated services and additional services are available to you for your Österreichische Post shipping.

In this article 👇 shipping with Shipcloud

You can only use Österreichische Post ( in connection with Shipcloud if you have your own account with this carrier.

In contrast to all other connected CEP services, the activation of generates an increased setup effort for us, which is why we charge a one-time fee for the setup. Please contact for this purpose.

Integrated shipping methods

The following services are available to you. This information applies to shipping from Austria. shipping method

Shipcloud service

Available where? Paket Standard National


National Paket Standard International


EU-weit (inkl. GB) Paket Premium Select

Post AT Premium

National Retourpaket


National EMS Österreich


National EMS International


EU-weit (inkl. GB) Plus International

Post AT Plus International

EU-weit (inkl. GB)

Integrated additional services


Tracking Only**

Return Portal Plus**

*In order for you to be able to use Shipcloud tracking, it is important that you have your contract with activated for the tracking web service. Otherwise our system will not be able to retrieve and display tracking data for your shipments.

**These features are not available in our standard subscriptions. For this you need an individual offer from our Sales team

Available label formats for


ZPL 4x6 Zoll, 203 DPI

ZPL, 4x6 Zoll, 203 DPI, thermo-direct

Any further questions? We're happy to help.

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