If you're shipping through shipcloud's UPS business rates, please keep in mind that UPS will charge additional fees for shipments which do not meet the dimensional specifications.

Here you can read which dimensions are allowed for which carrier.

This rule applies for all UPS shipments (via shipcloud's rates) that have been and will be shipped between November 1st 2021 and January 15th 2022.

Please note the following surcharges:

Special Handling

5,90 €

Large Parcel

59,40 €


212,00 €

Fees are (net) business fees plus the applicable VAT of 16% or 19%.

Special Handling

  • All items that are packed in a foreign shipping container made of metal or wood

  • All cylindrical items (e.g. barrels, canisters, buckets or tires) that are not completely enclosed in corrugated cardboard packaging

  • Any package whose longest side exceeds 100 cm or the second longest side exceeds 76 cm

  • All packages that weigh more than 32 kg

  • Any package in a shipment whose average package weight is greater than 32 kg and in which the weight for each package is not specified in the source document or the automated UPS shipping system used

Large Parcel

A package is considered a "large package" if length plus circumference [circumference = (2 x width) + (2 x height)] exceeds 300 cm, but is below the maximum UPS dimension of 400 cm. Large parcels are billed with a weight of at least 40 kg, and the above mentioned surcharge.


Parcels with a weight of more than 70 kg or a length of 274 cm or a total dimension of more than 400 cm in length and circumference [(2 x width) + (2 x height)] will not be accepted for shipping. Additional fees will be charged for packages that are still found on the UPS package shipping network. For packages with a combined length and circumference of more than 400 cm, the surcharge for large packages will also be charged.

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