From October 2nd, 2022 to January 14th, 2023, UPS imposes peak season surcharges to expand its delivery network during the holiday season.

In this article, you will learn more about peak season surcharges and when UPS applies them.

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What are peak season surcharges?

Peak season surcharges are seasonal surcharges imposed due to increased demand when package volumes increase sharply suddenly or due to seasonal changes and holidays.

When and why are peak season surcharges imposed by UPS?

From October 2nd, 2022, to January 14th, 2023, UPS will impose peak season surcharges. Peak season surcharges help UPS ensure that its network continues to operate effectively during peak seasons. In times of heavy traffic, and especially during the holiday season, UPS expands its delivery network to provide you with reliable, on-time service despite increased shipping volumes.

Which peak season surcharges does UPS impose?

Peak season surcharges are applied to packages with additional handling, packages that exceed maximum limits, and bulk packages.

Surcharge "Additional Handling"

  • All items that are packed in a foreign shipping container made of metal or wood

  • All cylindrical items (e.g. barrels, canisters, buckets or tires) that are not completely enclosed in corrugated cardboard packaging

  • Any package whose longest side exceeds 100 cm or the second longest side exceeds 76 cm

  • All packages that weigh more than 32 kg

  • Any package in a shipment whose average package weight is greater than 32 kg and in which the weight for each package is not specified in the source document or the automated UPS shipping system used

Surcharge "Large Package"

A package is considered a "large package" if length plus circumference [circumference = (2 x width) + (2 x height)] exceeds 300 cm, but is below the maximum UPS dimension of 400 cm. Large parcels are billed with a weight of at least 40 kg, and the above mentioned surcharge.

Surcharge "Over Maximum Limits"

Parcels with a weight of more than 70 kg or a length of 274 cm or a total dimension of more than 400 cm in length and circumference [(2 x width) + (2 x height)] will not be accepted for shipping. Additional fees will be charged for packages that are still found on the UPS package shipping network. For packages with a combined length and circumference of more than 400 cm, the surcharge for large packages will also be charged.

What are the additional costs for UPS peak season surcharges and how are they billed by shipcloud?

UPS imposes peak season surcharges on a per package basis in addition to existing rates, surcharges and/or fees for domestic and international shipments.

When shipping via shipcloud business rates, we will charge these to you retroactively. The following additional costs apply for the individual UPS peak season surcharges:

Good to know: UPS adjusts peak season surcharges as needed without notice and reserves the right to extend or modify peak periods to reflect prevailing market conditions.

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