For the carrier DPD, we have integrated the following additional services in shipcloud:

DPD Predict: You can currently only order DPD Predict directly via API Request. Furthermore, this service is only available for standard shipments and not for express shipments. If you are shipping via your own rates, you must also have DPD set up an e-mail template for Predict, if this has not already been done.

DPD PARCELLetter: Please note that you can only use the DPD PARCELLetter directly via our interface (API) and via your own contract. Detailed instructions on what to hand over in the API for the DPD PARCELLetter can be found in our developer documentation.

DPD Saturday Delivery: This service is available only with the shipping options "1 Day" or "1 Day Early" as well as your own DPD contract. In our developer documentation you will get more information about what you have to give us in your request.

DPD Drop-Off Authorization: You can currently only order this service directly via API request.

To find out which plug-ins or platforms have already implemented these additional services, please ask your plug-in developer or your platform directly. 

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