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What do I have to keep in mind regarding customs?
What do I have to keep in mind regarding customs?

Create your customs documents with Shipcloud

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When shipping to a country subject to customs duties, the shipper must provide certain documents with a shipment, depending on the shipment's contents, the value of the goods, and the destination country. With Shipcloud, you can create the customs declaration for multiple carriers in addition to the shipping label.

With Shipcloud you can create the customs declaration CN23 for DHL, DHL Express and PARCEL.ONE together with the shipping label and the customs declaration CN22 for Deutsche Post. For UPS it is also possible to create the commercial invoice via Shipcloud.

Of course, you can send dutiable shipments via other carriers that are technically connected to us, but customs documents are not currently provided by Shipcloud. We have compiled tips on which documents you should create and attach externally: DPD, GLS.

In addition to the customs declaration, other customs documents may be required, such as a pro forma or commercial invoice, or an customs declaration.You can also find information on what to consider when creating customs documents via Shipcloud here.

📌 Please note that missing or incomplete customs documents can lead to shipping delays and additional costs.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding customs documents, costs, or procedures, please contact your carrier or the customs office through which you must clear any goods you export to a non-EU country. You can obtain additional helpful customs information from these official sources:

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