Via the shipcloud price check you can easily query our shipping rates for DHL, DPD and UPS.

In this article you will learn how to query our shipping rates for DHL, DPD and UPS in the shipcloud WebUI and get more information for the price query via API Request.

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Shipment Quote (price check) in the shipcloud WebUI

After registering, log in to your shipcloud account and go to the "Shipment Quote" menu item in the navigation bar on the left side of the shipcloud WebUI.

There you can view the price for your shipment. Based on your entered shipping and parcel data, the available carriers and prices are determined and displayed to you.

💡 Tip: Enter your default shipping address in the "Configurations" >> "Shipping Addresses" menu item beforehand. This is required for the price calculation.

Price check before purchasing a shipping label in the shipcloud WebUI

In addition, after entering the data and before purchasing the shipping label, you can view the price for the shipment or shipping costs in the menu item "Shipping" >> "New Shipment".

Price information via API Request

Via API Request you can send us data of a theoretical shipment and find out how much you will be charged for this shipment.

Good to know: If you have your own carrier accounts stored in shipcloud, we can no longer show you prices for the respective carrier, as we do not have access to this part of your contract.

📌 All prices depend on the selected carrier, the address of the sender and recipient as well as the package dimensions (height, width, length and weight).

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