Once you have registered with shipcloud, you can look up the prices for your shipment in your shipcloud WebUI under the menu item "Shipment Quote

After entering the data, you will receive a list of all possible carriers that are available for this shipment, sortet by prices.

Tip: Enter your shipping address first. We need this in order to calculate the prices. You can also get the price for the shipment under the menu item "New Shipment" after entering the shipping data and before purchasing the label. 

All prices depend on the selected carrier, your shipping address and recipient and the parcel dimensions (height, width, length and weight). As far as possible, we will always provide our customers with the best possible prices.

For the API there is an own call, to which you can give the data of a theoretical shipment to find out the price for this shipping label. If you have integrated your own carrier accounts,  the shipment quote via the shipcloud app is no longer possible. 

You can find further information about the shipping label prices here.

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