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Is there a set-up fee for Shipcloud?
Is there a set-up fee for Shipcloud?

How to find out the set-up costs for the Shipcloud connection

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There is no setup fee for most of the connected integrations and carriers. You can find an overview of the connected shop, ERP and inventory management systems as well as an overview of the integrated carriers on our Shipcloud website. Once you have selected a subscription and registered with Shipcloud, all the features of that subscription and the corresponding carriers are immediately available to you. Here in our Help Center you can also find an overview of the included carriers for a quick shipping start with no setup fee.

We charge a one-time setup fee for the connection to a few carriers that require more setup. You can find an overview of the additional carriers on request with a setup fee here in our Help Center. If you cannot find your desired parcel service on the Shipcloud website or in our Help Center, please contact our sales team via email at for more information.

In addition, individual interface connections or some plug-ins may require an integration fee. For a custom quote or if you have questions about any of the integrations or plug-ins, please contact the partner directly.

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