Unfortunately not.

Dangerous goods can neither be shipped via shipcloud business rates nor when using your own carrier contracts*.

The only possible way at present would be for you to create "ordinary" shipping labels via shipcloud using your own carrier contract* and then request a hazardous goods label (mark) for them from the carrier. To do this, however, you would need to contact your carrier directly in advance and discuss the possibilities of this procedure.

Should we or a carrier become aware that you have shipped dangerous goods using our business rates without permission, a written statement and possibly a contractual penalty will be due.

When shipping dangerous goods, shipping hazardous goods in limited quantities is an exception. For this purpose DPD offers the shipping option Hazardous Goods LQ (= Limited Quantities), which you can book in connection with shipcloud via API request with your own DPD contract . You can also find more information here.


* You can store your own carrier contracts starting from our Professional subscription.

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