If you want to use our GLS shipping rates, please find the most important information about it in this article.

However, please contact support@shipcloud.io so that we can activate GLS for you as a new carrier.

Please note that you need a minimum shipping volume of 40 GLS packages per month if you want to use GLS through our conditions.

Liability Limit

By shipping through our GLS conditions the defined liability regulations of the carrier apply. In the case of GLS, the liability for national shipping in the event of loss or damage is a maximum of EUR 750.

Please pay attention to the conditions of carriage of GLS. If these are not fulfilled, your liability claim will be canceled if necessary. Further information on this topic can be found directly in the GLS Conditions of Carriage.

Maximum Dimensions and Weight

Max. Weight: 40 kg
Longest side: 120 cm
Second longest side: 80 cm
Shortest side: 60 cm, but at least 3 cm
Girth measurement: 300 cm

The girth is calculated as follows:
Girth = (height + width) x 2 + length (in cm)

Please note that bulky shipments are not possible on the conditions of shipcloud. The conditions under which consignments are regarded as bulky goods can also be found in this information leaflet by GLS.


If you ship via our conditions, you can easily create national return labels. Create it either as a supplement for your packages or on demand via our Return Portal. *

Supplements or Additional Fees

GLS reserves the right to charge additional fees for e.g., the correction of addresses, manual sorting or island and outside area surcharges. This can also happen if the previously stated dimensions or the weight of the package do not match the actual information.

shipcloud reserves the right to charge these surcharges to you.

Information Regarding the Package Drop-off or Pickup

Your GLS packages commissioned via shipcloud can be conveniently collected from your warehouse or store within Germany. The collection is only possible as a regular pickup. Sporadic pickups or the drop-off in parcel shops are not possible.

* Please note that only shipments for national shipping can be created via the Return Portal.

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