You can easily check the shipcloud business rates for DHL, DPD and UPS via the price information in the shipcloud WebUI.

Unfortunately, out of consideration for our shipping partners, we cannot publish the prices on our website.

In order to view our most current net shipping label prices, a registration is necessary. With your registration you are not signing up for a paid subscription, but in addition to the price information in the shipcloud WebUI you can, among other things, create test shipping labels and try out other functions.

If you would like to determine our prices for calculating your shipping costs in advance, sign up for free and go to the menu item "Shipment Quote" in the shipcloud WebUI after logging in.

There you can call up the prices of the different carriers for your shipments, depending on the package dimensions, the weight as well as the destination country.

Good to know: Our core business is not the sale of shipping labels, but the provision of a multi-carrier shipping interface. In addition to our technology, all subscriptions give you direct access to shipcloud business rates for DHL, DPD and UPS. With this extra service you can start shipping quickly and easily and optimize your shipping costs.

Any further questions? We are happy to help you.

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